Born in Sokolka, Poland, I grew up surrounded by nature. This region inspired me to tell stories through multiple means of expression: animation, illustration, and painting.

Graduated from La Cambre in Brussels, I directed three films during my studies: Slug and the snails (2012) co-directed with Gwendoline Gamboa, Grain d’amour (2013) and The Strawberry soup (2014). In 2015 I co-directed with Aline Quertain the short film The Teeny-weeny fox, produced by Folimage in France. My most recent work is the co-direction of the music video, The Skeleton Band, with Jessica Poon from Hong-Kong. The music is performed by Sara Lovell, an American artist known for her children’s songs. 

In the meantime I share my love for the creation with teenagers and children. I regularly supervise workshops in some centres and schools.

I live and work in Brussels.

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